How to contribute to Igbo language on Common Voice

You can contribute to Igbo language in the following ways:

Some things to note:

How to Record Your Voice

  1. To record your voice first click
  2. For the browser to capture your speech, hit the record button () and start speaking.
  3. Press the Stop button () to end recording.
  4. You need to record 5 recordings before you can submit it.
  5. Click Nyéfèé to submit your recordings.

Some tips on recording

  • Please record in a low-noise area.
  • If you can, record with earphones because it will capture your voice better.
  • Please feel free to skip a sentence if you’re not to sure how to pronounce it.

How to Validate recordings

  1. Please read and understand the validation criteria before you start validating.
  2. To validate, first click
  3. Press the play button () to listen to the recording.
  4. After listening, press to Approve or to Reject the recording.
  5. If you are not sure, click Máfèé to skip the validation for that recording.