Gathering More Igbo Sentences: What You can do

Gathering more public domain Igbo sentences is a vital aspect of the Igwebuike project. Developing speech-technologies for Igbo language relies on lots of sentences which will be recorded.

Having more reviewed sentences allows contributors to donate more hours of voice data.
  • 5,000 sentences allow 5,5 hrs of voice
  • 9,000 sentences allow 10 hrs of voice
  • 90,000 sentences allow 100 hrs of voice
  • 1,800,000 sentences allow 2000 hrs of voice
Currently we have only 12,702 validated sentences. Therefore, the Igwebuike community is soliciting your help towards bringing in more public domain Igbo sentences (these sentences will have to be donated to the public domain. See here for more details ). These sentences can be online or offline.

Fundamentally, in order to avoid copyright issues or plagiarism, the Igwebuike project uses only Igbo sentences that the donor possesses the copyright to distribute or disseminate.

All received donations shall be acknowledged in our website.

You can assist in this effort by:
  1. Donating or effectively negotiating with someone who can donate any of the following:
    • Books, newspapers, magazines, or any text document written in Igbo language
    • Online websites that have content in Igbo language.
  2. Reviewing sentences on the Common Voice Sentence Collector. You will need to create an acocunt/login in order to do this. Please ensure you read the Review Criteria first.


For more details or if you have questions contact Chris Emezue on Email | Twitter | Linkedln.
Alternatively you can ask in our community group.